Two AS Rail Welding machines was consigned to BHP

Release time: 2018-01-08

For KIWAY, the pass 2017 is a very important first year of AS Rail Welding machine. Model K930, K950 Mobile Flash Rail Welding machines is also a inseparable topic.


“KIWAY Speed”, Not only because we are notified deliver by customer one day before New year’s day, but also we finished the 20t machines loading, celebrations and deliver in 3 hours.


Several months preparing, none stop experiment and testing. Material, function, safety and energy conservation upgrade. K930 and K950 finally in a heavily armed statue and will show on the Welding places in year 2018.


Brief introduction

Single container K930 mobile flash rail welding machine

Customer——Australia Broken Hill Proprietary Billiton Ltd.BHP

Technical parameter

Rated Forging Force1200KN

Rated Clamp force2900KN

Welding efficiency12 welding head/h (continue flash)  18 welding head/h (pulsating flash)


Application: K series container mobile flash rail welding machine is available for a variety of 50kg/m, 60kg/m, 75kg/mU71Mn U75Vetc continuously welded rail track welding works. And UIC (International Union of Rail ways), AS (Australia standard), BS (Britain standard), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), ISCR (India standard) etc standard track type welding construction. K930 machine can completed the steel track and meter gage railway track in Urban Rail. The welding of the closed weld (no length limit) can be completed independently without the use of the raorer.


Construction environment: K930 welding machine can satisfy with the welding conditions of LE 2500m height above sea level and ambient temperature -20 to 50. The equipment has the functions of windproof, sand proof, ventilation, heat preservation, anti ultraviolet radiation and so on, and it can adapt to different construction environments and types.


As is known to all, the rail welding machine produced in Kiway has been working closely with the top enterprises and institutions in the world, from technology research and development to market development. It has established strategic cooperative relations with Ukraine Barton electric welding institute, Tatung University in Taiwan, and Progress Rail Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar, a global industrial giant. And go to a wider international market together.


After so many harsh tests and exam, The BHP K930, K950 rail welding machine finally become the leader of the global rail industry. Especially in the mechanical, material, electrical, hydraulic and other disciplines can be called a high standard. In addition, except the arm of the DNV bearing test, welding head loading test, and mechanical material test, the two machines have also successfully obtained the high standard test certification of the international certification organizations SGS and BHP.


Our ultimate goal is to improve the user experiencenot just for test or certification. The two BHP rail welding machine was take into account the safety and convenience from each use dimension.


The product department has a lot of confidence in major problems that users often care about.


Tension shear cylinder, Shear die knife welding lock... These key problems have been well solved.


Functions upgrade——


Caterpillar c15 diesel generating set with superior performance, low failure rate, and provides abundant stable electric energy.


Customize the welding procedure to satisfy the needs of customer data analysis.


Unique welding lock design, sufficient strength and forging force to ensure quality


Energy saving and environmental protection——


Machine box body

The appearance of aluminum material make it light and beautiful.

Inter layer use fireproof cotton with sound insulation, noise reduction and heat insulation functions.


Electric power generation

CAT C15 diesel generator set is efficient and energy-saving.

Exhaust emissions meet the mainstream standards of Europe and America.


Fuel oil, hydraulic oil, cooling liquid all comply with environmental laws and regulations in Europe and America



All Special materials for welding rail machine meet the international environmental protection requirements.


Kiway appreciate has this opportunity, the K930 was deliver like a new year's gift.


We also be gratitude to the trust of BHP all the time.

2018, Sincerely wish our Rail welding machine can continue the refulgence and welding a miracle of global rail line laying.